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Thursday Night Therapy

Thirty Years of Basketball and Camaraderie

We are all in need of a little therapy from time to time.

We just don't have to lie on a couch to get it.

For one group of men in Cincinnati, Ohio, therapy comes every Thursday night in the form of late night basketball under the lights. For thirty years, this game has provided a release -- a "fix" as one player calls it -- that only physical exertion and the bonds of community can provide. Thursday Night Therapy: Thirty Years of Basketball and Camaraderie chronicles the thirty-year history of this game, the players involved, and the profound impact that basketball has had on those who play this beautiful game. Freelance writer, author, and former award-winning sports editor Aaron M. Smith takes the reader on a reflective and sometimes humorous journey that identifies and explains the significance of this weekly gathering. Not only is Smith the son-in-law of the founder and host of this game, he has been playing in this regular game for nearly a decade. From humble beginnings to a sort of therapeutic ritual, Thursday Night Hoops has become a necessity for all involved.


"It was a heartwarming book and one that was also filled with humor as well as inspiring messages and some good basketball as well. This book will be appealing to a broad range of readers, as this is as much a book on friendship, family and the mindset of these participants in the Thursday night games as well as a book on basketball."

-- Amazon review 

A great read and exposition on how to stay young and relieve stress... Get therapy. Like most people, I dread the idea of ever needing to visit an office and sit on a couch and tell a stranger my most personal thoughts and feelings. This book shows that there is another way. Through teamwork, camaraderie and physical exertion you can reap similar benefits and have fun while you're at it. Love this book!

-- Goodreads review

"Well-written and moving. Great insight into the emotional needs of people, and the importance of community and being able to trust, and to share your innermost self with others. Highly recommended."

-- Goodreads review

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