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Aaron M. Smith began his journalism career at the Urbana Daily Citizen before being named as the Sports Editor at the Port Clinton News Herald. Smith won numerous writing and production awards during his stint at both papers. Here are some of his standout articles.

APSO Best Game Story: First Place

Red Swarm

GENOA – After slapping hands with Genoa after the final gun sounded on Port Clinton's 34-8 romp over the Comets, Port Clinton players raced to their side of the field and stopped.
          Assistant coach Carey Clum whispered to first-year coach Toby Hammond, "They don't know what to do."
          Hammond smiled and had his Redskins form a victory circle for the first time in more than a year. They jumped, shouted as they spelled R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S and mobbed each other holding up their helmets.
          It was a sight that, needless to say, was a welcome one to the Port Clinton faithful.

APSO Best Game Story: Second Place

With Authority

PORT CLINTON – Port Clinton quarterback Joe Higgins ducked under the line and ran through a gaping hole.                He squirted toward the sideline untouched and sprinted toward the end zone, out-running the entire Perkins defense.
          One person, however, stayed stride-for-stride with Higgins.
          It was Port Clinton coach Toby Hammond.

Athlete of the Year Feature

Rocket Hurdled Much Adversity

OAK HARBOR – Tom Osborne could feel her pain.
          His only daughter – and youngest of three children – desperately tried to clear a hurdle.
          Down she went.
          "She just kept at it," he said. "She would fall, and she would hurt herself. But she never let falling deter her from getting back up and doing it. She had tremendous determination, even when she was a little girl."

A change at the helm

Difficult Decision

ELMORE – It wasn't easy.
          In his first year as varsity girls basketball coach at Woodmore, Fred Williams traveled a bumpy road, hoping to implement a new philosophy while trying to win over a team and community that had grown accustomed to long-time coach Mike DeStazio's style.
          Williams resigned his position recently and will not return to Woodmore in any capacity.
          "I'm still not sure I made the right decision," Williams said. "My wife has chewed me out ever since I stepped down. Sometimes I fell like maybe I threw in the towel too quickly. But other times, I think that it will probably be best."

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