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Leave Your Mark

Writing Services

Everyone has a story to tell, a legacy to leave to your children. You may be known as mom or dad or grandpa or grandma. People may call you brother or sister or friend. But every one of you is more than a name or a title. You have endured. You have overcome. You have lived.

Leave Your Mark Writing Services will help you tell your personal story, from the bare bones beginnings of information gathering and prewriting to the polished step of publishing a tangible treasure that will undoubtedly become a cherished heirloom in your family for generations to come.

Take a look at the writing services below and see how Leave Your Mark can help you do just that, leave your mark.


There are many steps to prewriting including brainstorming, outlining, and research. If prewriting activites are not taken seriously, the writing portion of your memoir or family story will not reach its potential. I will provide you with different techniques to get your project off the ground as well as guide you through the entire prewriting process. Click the link to see more.


Once you've done the research and have organized your story, it is time to write. It is important to remember that this is not the final draft. Write freely and tell the story you want to tell. Fixing, editing, and revising is for later. Click the link to see how I will be of service to you during the writing process.


When revising your story, you are making changes to portions of your story. Proofreading is done during the editing phase; rewording your story, sharpening your language, adding literary techniques to make your writing more bold is done during the revision process. Click the link to see how I will help you during this phase of your project.


Editing and revising are two different things. When we're talking about editing, we're talking about grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. I will comb over your first draft and look for these mistakes and provide corrections for you. Click the link to see how I can help you during the editing phase of your writing project.


Once prewriting, writing, revising, and editing have been accomplished, it is time to write the final draft and send it in for publication. With on-demand publishing companies, turning your story into a tangible book has become easier these days. Click the link to see how I will help you turn your idea, your story into a book that will be charished by your family for generations.

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